So Tuesday starts the challenge. And I have so many ideas fighting for space in my head that I’m not sure where I’m going to start. Whatever it ends up being, I’m hoping it will spark something. I already know I need to turn off outside distractions – the TV, the ‘net, the radio – because even if I have an idea running through my head, if I get distracted, it’s gone and I can’t even remember what it was, let alone have a clue how to get it back. For example, the Piers Morgan interview with Duran Duran is playing in the background while I’m writing this, and I already know that I’ve lost a whole bunch of great ideas because I got distracted by Simon, John, and Nick. But to be honest, it’s worth it to watch John snicker at a comment of Simon’s and watch Simon turning bright red (either from embarrassment or trying not to keel over laughing). I really would love to see the raw footage from that part of the interview…

Anyway. Tuesday. Here we go. Look! A squirrel!

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