Stream of Consciousness

Stream of consciousness, written longhand at work. (Yeah, I should have been working, I know…)

Don’t be afraid to throw things away. That’s one thing I have to remember as I attack the garage this year. There’s stuff I haven’t even been able to see for twelve months – do I really still need it? All the cleaning supplies – Second Saturday (our town’s monthly household hazardous waste drop-off day). Clothes – CCA (a local charity). Footboard – Freecycle. I’m not going to put it on the bed, so get rid of it. Oil change stuff – Second Saturday. Garden stuff – either put it in the garden, or get rid of it. The two planters and the millstone need to go in the backyard to keep the dogs from digging around the holly tree. Dan’s things – on a shelf so I know what I have and where it is. Paints – Second Saturday. VHS tapes – Second Saturday, I think. I need to check to see if they’ll take them. Clear out a place for the bike, a place for the car, a place to work on the headboard and foot chest. How many tote bags do I really need? Not nearly as many as I have.

Since the 12th is the second Saturday in November, I can get a jump on some of the things I already have access to, and that will help. GO through the stuff that came out of the car and organize it or get rid of it. I need a bucket to collect DVDs and CDs into, so I have them all in one place. If I took the top extension off the IKEA shelves, could they fit under the cabinets? I don’t know, somehow I doubt it.

What categories do I need? Fleece. I need a couple of BIG boxes for fleeces. Black, Brown, Other. Wardrobe boxes, maybe. What other categories? Camping and Outdoor Gear. Gardening. Dan. Tools and Hardware. Bikes and Exercise. Dogs. Notebooks. Freecycle. Recycle. Second Saturday. Gift Wrap. Cleaning.

So what’s going to be the best way to do this? Probably load everything out of the garage again, in halves. But start with the right half this time, so I don’t have to move the headboard. I can empty everything but that and probably be able to work around it.

So many grand ideas, so much procrastination…

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