Fanfic – S&S – A dark and stormy night…

I can’t believe I’m doing this – I haven’t shared my S&S fanfic since probably freshman year of high school. While my addiction to Simon & Simon has remained strong, I’m hoping my writing has improved…

This is going to hurt.

The thought ran through AJ’s head a split second before the rear of his sedan fishtailed and slammed into the guardrail. Despite his seatbelt he rattled around like a die in a cup. His injured left arm rebounded off the door, and the bullet lodged in it sent a spike of pain up his shoulder. AJ fought the wheel on the rain-slick road, trying to get the car straightened out, shaking his head to clear his vision.

He didn’t see any headlights behind him, but on the winding canyon road that didn’t mean anything. Pursuit could be as close as the last hairpin turn. The tires finally found purchase and the car shot forward, almost yanking the wheel out of his numb left hand.

Water sluiced down the canyon wall to his left, sparkling in the flash of his headlights as he rounded another curve. AJ straddled the center line and prayed there was no traffic coming the other way. Not that anyone else was likely to be out in this downpour. Just him. Him, and the man trying kill him.

AJ braced himself against the wheel as he followed the curve around a rock outcropping. He glanced at his rearview mirror and was relieved at the lack of headlights behind him. Maybe he’d managed to lose Davis after all – that would be the first piece of good luck he’d had all day. The road behind him disappeared from view as he curved into another hairpin turn along the canyon road.

His left arm was starting to throb, and AJ wondered if it had been broken when he’d been shot. He couldn’t see it in the blackness of the car’s interior, but it felt like his arm was soaked with blood from shoulder to elbow. The car rental company is going to be pissed, he thought, then realized that was the least of his worries. They could bill him if he lived. Blood loss, he realized, was making him light-headed.

AJ blinked hard and shook his head again to clear it, then swore and wrenched the wheel to the right as he nearly plowed into a boulder the size of a Saint Bernard that had fallen from the cliff above and landed in the middle of the road. The sedan skidded on the wet, muddy road and careened toward the guardrail. AJ tried to spin the wheel to correct the skid, but it was impossible with only one hand and he only managed to turn enough to hit the guardrail on an angle instead of head-on. The car plowed into the rail with a crash of metal as the rail peeled back from its posts. The nose of the sedan dropped and AJ had an instant to think he was going over the cliff before the car bottomed out on the edge, throwing him forward with an abrupt jolt. The seatbelt kept him from going through the windshield but he bounced off the steering wheel, slumping against it as he fought unconsciousness.

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